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New Dimensions in Close Proximity Pyrotechnics
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Santore & Sons is a premier manufacturer of professional close-proximity and indoor pyrotechnics. Located in Bunnell, Florida, Santore is a major supplier to the entertainment industry. Our products are sold world-wide, and are used with the utmost of confidence in many venues, including rooftop displays, stadiums, amphitheaters, and theme parks, and in creative fronts for traditional displays.

We at Santore take pride in providing the highest quality, safest, and most entertaining effects available anywhere. Constant innovation, a dedication to precision and attention to detail, and scrupulous attention to customer service makes Santore & Sons the natural vendor of choice to numerous theme parks, major league sports teams, and musical tours.

With brilliant colors, a variety of effect sizes to fit any venue, and tens of thousands of items always in stock, Santore & Sons should be your choice, as well. In addition to the best close proximity pyrotechnics available, Santore also offers professional services such as show design and choreography, music selection and editing, permanent firing system design consultation, and help with local authorities and shooter training.

Let us serve you. Our corporate mission is to do everything in our power to guarantee your success.

Special Announcements ...

NOW AVAILABLE - Generation II Drop-n-Shoot Effects Holders

These improved effect holders incorporate the features our customers have asked for. They are lightweight and durable, and more stable than our older style. Made from modern flame-suppressant polymer, they snugly clamp the effects in place with corrosion-resistant stainless steel operators. Parts are interchangeable, so if you ever damage your holder, you can order only the parts you need.

Save weight, save space, and "snap" your shows together in record time!